Christopher Wylie moves from Cambridge Analythica to fast fashion giant H&M

Cambridge Analytica and H&M’s “Rehabilitation” of Christopher Wylie

As an ethical fashion blog, A Rake’s Progress is necessarily political. For the most part though, this doesn’t entail commenting on current affairs news stories.

Yet with this post I want to talk about one of the most important political scoops of our times: the Cambridge Analytica revelations, and the man responsible for bringing this information to light, CA turncoat Christopher Wylie.

Naturally dyed textiles may be central to creating a sustainable fashion industry

Sustainable Fashion: Words Fail Us

Sustainable fashion has become something of a buzzword in recent years. But how can consumers tell when a product is authentically sustainable? By what criteria should we measure a brand’s claims to sustainability? And how can fashion brands themselves do better in this area?

Promoting sustainability is at the core of this blog’s mission, so before going any further it’s essential that we arrive at a clearer understanding of what sustainable fashion really means.

Phot of Romeo Gigli Clothing 2018

Romeo Gigli Today: A Cautionary Tale

The brand Romeo Gigli can still be found on sale here and there. But what about the man who The Los Angeles Times once claimed had single-handedly changed the course of fashion?

He had a far-reaching influence on both men’s and womenswear throughout the ’80s and ’90s. And then, at the peak of his success, he just vanished.

What happened to Romeo Gigli?